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Nikin Nagewadia

Strategic design’s starring role in the film “Moneyball”

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With movie theaters closed, I have been re-watching a lot of my favorite films on streaming services. It just so happens that Moneyball (Bennett Miller, 2011) is on Netflix in the United Kingdom. Having rewatched it, I realize that the film’s central character uses strategic design to help motivate the film’s plot.

A case study for A Million Ads’ design principles and design system

Multi-colored Lego pieces lying one on top of another.
Multi-colored Lego pieces lying one on top of another.
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This case study is about the contribution I made at a London-based startup as their first user experience hire. At A Million Ads I helped lay down the building blocks for the organization’s design principles and a first iteration of their design system.


A Million Ads is an ad-tech startup that is on a mission to “[make] personalized and dynamic advertising that feels more relevant, context-aware and that truly connects with people.” (Employee manual, 2019) It achieves that by using data the end user has already (and knowingly) provided when they sign up for an online service like Spotify. The…

A case study for the Breakfix

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This case study is not about a digital product, but rather an analog creation. Although that is the case, I will demonstrate how the creation of the Breakfix also led me to design a system as well.

What is the Breakfix?:

While working at FreshBooks as a front-end developer, I developed the Breakfix, my culinary creation that integrated my morning coffee and breakfast cereal into a single bowl. The advantage of using a single bowl was having one hand free when I traveled from the office kitchen to my desk. Moreover, the Breakfix was a simple and easily transportable solution.

A case study for Say Yeah’s Digital Insights page

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Since 2008, Say Yeah, a Toronto based digital consultancy has helped organizations of all sizes realize the potential of digital transformation via system strategy, service design, experience design, and continuous iteration. Clients have ranged from local institutions, such as Toronto Public Library, to large organizations like Microsoft.

In the summer of 2018 I began a short-term contract where I assisted with the development of a client project as well as as updating the agency’s Wordpress website. During my contract I had the opportunity to tackle the design of the Digital Insights page on the newly revamped website.

As per Lee…

A case study for the DiasporaX’s website

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash


I recently had the great pleasure of working with Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey on his latest artistic endeavor, Lean Artist Chicago, a project commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA). Before going into details of my involvement in this project, you may be wondering who this Famous New Media Artist is, and also what is Lean Artist?


Jeremy Bailey is an internationally exhibited performance artist. …

A case study for FreshBook’s Business Name Generator

Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash


I was involved in a number of projects during my three years at FreshBooks. However, I can simply say that FreshBooks’ Business Name Generator was by far the one project that stands out. This project allowed me to step into a role beyond my job title and it influenced the creation of one of the biggest undertakings in the organization’s history, the relaunch of FreshBooks’ website.


From October 7–9, 2015, every developer and designer throughout the organization participated in a company-wide hack-off, where we had full autonomy to work on any project outside our day-to-day responsibilities. Inspired by a personal…

A case study for Good-Vibes Transit App

Photo by Emile Séguin on Unsplash


Tell me if you’ve been here before: You stand waiting under a bus shelter for your ride to arrive. According to your transit app or the shelter’s signage, it was supposed to arrive 10 minutes ago. But at this very moment, it’s nowhere in sight (something I’ve experienced on numerous occasions).

Let’s use the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) for instance. The TTC is responsible for getting approximately, 2.7 million commuters around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) daily. …

A case study for Hotline Bling App

Still from Hotline Bling music video

I’m what you’d call an “arts kid.” I graduated from Film Studies. My first job was in printing and graphic design. I used a computer every day, but that was only for design-related work. However, that all changed in 2013 when I was asked to create the first website for the Christie Pits Film Festival, an annual outdoor film festival in Toronto. Again, being exposed to only the arts, I knew nothing about building websites or what it would take to be a web developer — so I was literally pushed out of my comfort zone and into unknown territory.

Nikin Nagewadia

Social introvert from Canada, currently living in England. Interaction designer at Government Digital Service.

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